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Europe and the US:

Strategic Partners in Leadership

Erich Vad

Europe must become more self-reliant in security and defense policy, without the transatlantic alliance becoming less important in the process. It is not enough to talk about establishing a "European Army" or so-called PESCO or setting up a European defense fund. The first step must be a joint answer to the question: what should the European pillar of the transatlantic alliance look like, and above all: what kind of NATO does Europe need to protect its security interests?

 Helmut Fiedler

Editor's Letter

In the beginning, there was a thought. Knowledge is democracy's fundament. If war affects all and peace is a global good, security- and defence-policy cannot be reserved for a narrow group of experts and academics. Common understanding within nations and organizations is a precondition in this regard. The protected ones' need to endorse why and for what reason and cause they require protection.


Peace is a cultural achievement. Acknowledging threats, accepting war's existence and understanding the dynamics of geopolitics, conflict and fragility research as well as strategy is crucial to participate meaningfully in democratic processes. This journal is our joint effort to facilitate this exchange of opinions and ensure that your voice is both credible and heard by our audience. 


Understandable, straight-forward, accessible, at a professional and academic level!

From the short piece to the long essay, from the case study about historical events to upcoming trends and emerging technologies: We are the platform to share, discuss and elaborate. We are independent, non-partisan, close to reality and far away from any ideological exchange. We prioritize evidence over main-stream, facts over illusions and the direct argument over circumscriptions.

Opinions drive discussions. In the beginning, there is your thought. We ask you to form your thoughts, understanding and ideas into our formats that others can discuss, agree, disagree and learn. Security- and defence-policy are our common topics. Join us, write, read, share and contribute.

Until then, we remain with a salute from the horizon,


Your Editors

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