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Welcome to The Defence Horizon Journal, the information platform promoting security- and defence-related topics. We are a small but well-organized and motivated group of professionals, dedicated to discourse. This journal is our joint effort to facilitate the exchange of opinions and ensure that your voice is both credible and heard by our audience. 

Join us and make a difference in expanding the awareness and knowledge by sharing your opinion, assessment and publications on: 


Security policy,  Geopolitics and law

Conflict and fragility

Military science and its application

Weapons technology

We are looking for publications that address emerging trends and past events logically and legibly. We welcome experts, although an academic background is not a prerequisite. Perhaps you are a practitioner but are uncertain as to whether you are a capable enough writer? We will walk you through the steps toward publication together! We strongly believe in the added value of combining theory and practice.


Be courageous! Put your thoughts on paper and submit it.

We publish for a broad audience. The Defence Horizon Journal intends to engage experts in the field and lay readers equally.

Consequently, we aim to publish comprehensible articles in simple language.

The Defence Horizon Journal stands for change. Just as the horizon offers a dual view forward and into the past, the work we publish will help define the current landscape by assessing emergent technologies and elaborating on the past in all security- and defence-related fields.


Partners are especially crucial for newly established platforms such as ours. We encourage our readers to visit the following partner organizations: 

Divergent Options

Would you like to support us by partnering? 

Get in touch! We are looking forward to hear about your proposal

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