Digital Sovereignty


The Defence Horizon Journal is seeking submissions on the subject of Digital Sovereignty, to be published in our Special Edition 01/22 by mid-February 2022.


We are looking for your expertise on the following scenario:

In the run-up to a major election in State A, State B conducts a series of online-based information operations aimed at influencing the election outcomes. To a varying degree, these actions impact the electoral campaign, the online presence of parties, the administration of the elections, as well as (eventually) the election results. Analysis in this scenario considers whether any of the specific actions, individually or taken together, may constitute violations of the rules of international law, specifically the obligation to respect the sovereignty of other States, the prohibition of intervention in the internal affairs of States, and the right to privacy of individuals.

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Submissions may focus on technical, legal, military, and policy aspects of this scenario. 

Authors could ask themselves the following questions:

  • How intensive does a cyber operation have to be to amount to an intervention or an attack? 

  • What can states do to counter cyberthreats, especially against democratic decision-making processes?

  • What are the responsibilities of non-state actors? 

  • How can states cooperate better to ensure a strong alliance of democratic states? 

Whilst the questions above serve as food for thought, authors are encouraged to offer their own takes and provide new ideas and perspectives that engage the overarching question of how we can develop the contours of digital sovereignty.

As busy professionals read TDHJ, all submissions should follow our guidelines for submission; template "Long Essay"


All submissions should contain endnotes following the Chicago Manual of Style. All submissions will be peer-reviewed before publication to ensure the quality of content.

Prof. Matthias C. Kettemann and Josef Schröfl will act as special editors and academic advisors. 


To submit a paper, please forward your completed manuscript to The closing date for submissions is 31. December 2021.

Last but not least, we thank you for your interest in our journal and wishes you well in your submission.

                                                                                        A salute from “The Horizon” Editorial Team