Information Warfare and Influence Operations

The Defence Horizon Journal is seeking submissions on the subject of Information Warfare and Influence Operations, to be published by the end of October 2021.  The use of influence to overcome an opponent has long been used both in politics and conflict.  In armed conflict, most of the great military theorists hailed influence and the ability of leaders to use it to win wars without ever fighting. At the heart of influence is information, how it is effectively controlled and positioned, often against an opponent. That leads to the core subjects of this call for papers: Intelligence, propaganda and conflict – interaction, correlation and dependencies.

We intend to explore the role of influence in open conflict and grey zone operations but also in geopolitical competition (global competition in emerging tech, natural resources,...) between opponents. This broadening of scope enables the exploration of the role of influence in affecting political decision-making in liberal democracies and the techniques used by authoritarian governments abroad and – to an increasing degree – in the economic realm.

This call for papers focuses on topics related to information warfare (the activities undertaken to prepare, dominate and exploit the information environment in conflict or war) and influence operations (the competition between two or more actors to control or influence the information environment).

Its purpose is to analyze information warfare and influence operations comprehensively, including but not limited to socio-political, cultural, media and communication scientific, military and technological aspects, to create a holistic understanding of the respective operations ends, ways and means in the information domain.

Authors could ask themselves the following questions: 

  • How is superiority in the information domain used to influence opponents?

  • How to gain, maintain and exploit a holistic understanding of the strategic environment?

  • Evaluation/ Methodologies: Do influence operations work?  Is there any proof of effectiveness?

  • What constitutes an influence operation? What criteria define activity as an influence operation?


Whilst the questions above serve as food for thought, authors are encouraged and welcome to offer original ideas and perspectives and to engage with subject-related questions they themselves find interesting.

As busy policy professionals read TDHJ, all submissions should follow our guidelines for submission; template "Case Study"


All submissions should contain endnotes following the Chicago Manual of Style. All submissions will be peer-reviewed before publication to ensure the quality of content.


To submit a paper, please forward your completed manuscript to The closing date for submissions is 10. September 2021.

Last but not least, we thank you for your interest in our journal. We are looking forward to working with you and will be there to guide you throughout the publication process.

TDHJ wishes you well in your submission.

                                                                                        A salute from “The Horizon” Editorial Team