Gerhard Jandl

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Gerhard Jandl

Ambassador Dr. Gerhard Jandl is the Austrian Head of Mission at the Council of Europe since 2018. He studied law and national economy in Vienna and Graz. Worked at the Austrian Mission to the United Nations in New York until 1993, later at the Austrian Embassy in Tunis. Until 2005 he was Austrian ambassador in Sarajevo and until 2008 ambassador in Belgrade. From 2008 until 2018 he worked as Security Policy  Director at the Austrian Ministry for European and international Affairs. Furthermore, he published articles regarding the foreign policy of the Balkan states, the Middle East and regarding disarmament and security policy. 

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The English economist Arthur Cecil Pigou said that research serves either to achieve enlightenment or to produce fruits - so, either for knowledge for its own sake or the purpose of good things. The Austrian economist Fritz Machlup did not allow this separation to exist: he was convinced that if the studies shed light on the problems, then they will also prove useful for society. With this in mind, I hope that our publication will bring light and fruit.