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Call for papers 

In our Special Edition, longer articles, which will undergo a peer review, are periodically summarized and published.


We prioritize constructive, knowledgable contributions to the discussion over every professional background. Consequently, our focus is on interesting and understandable articles.

In 2021 and 2022, authors are especially encouraged to submit articles to our Special Edition on the following topics:

Call for papers in 2021 

Political Consulting

submit until end April 

Article Length: 3000-5000 words

published mid June 

TDHJ Special Edition III/21


Space and Air

submit until end June 

3000-5000 words

published mid August 

TDHJ Special Edition IV/21

Whole of Government Approach

submit until end August 

3000-5000 words

published mid October

TDHJ Special Edition V/21

Authors are welcome to submit their articles throughout the year. In case they would like to elaborate on one of the above-mentioned subjects, they should pay attention to the dates related to specific issues.

Call for papers in 2022 

Digital Sovereignty

submit until end December 21

Article Lenght: 3000-5000 words

published mid February

TDHJ Special Edition I/22

Future of the Western Balkans

submit until end February

3000-5000 words

published mid April

TDHJ Special Edition II/22

Embedded Journalism

3000-5000 words

published mid June 

TDHJ Special Edition III/22

submit until end April