Stefani Weiss

 Peer Board Member 

Stefani Weiss is Senior Expert EU Governance, Foreign and Security Policy, in the “Europe´s Future” program of the Bertelsmann Stiftung. Joining the foundation in 1999, she was responsible for the so-called Venusberg Group, a high-level group of foreign, security and defence experts from across Europe whose reflection and research were intended to contribute to the development of the EU's role as an international actor. From 2007 until 2017 she served as Director in the foundation´s Brussels office focusing on research related to the calculation of European added value, for example in defence spending, and an optimal distribution of competences between the EU and member states. Since 2018 the focus of her work is again on foreign and security policy. Her latest project dealt with the rhetoric and practice of Whole-of-Goverment approaches in external crisis and conflict management of the EU and its member states. She was member of the Advisory Board on Crisis Prevention and Peacebuilding of the German government (2008-18).


We are inundated with information. It is increasingly difficult to distinguish empirically based research from pure speculation and opinion making. With the new online platform we finally have a scout in the increasingly important area of European foreign and security policy and the wider global peace and security dimension who can help us to distinguish the wheat from the chaff.