Thomas Starlinger

Peer Board Member

Major General Mag. Thomas Starlinger, was born in 1963. 2019 he became Austrian Federal Minister for National Defence. Starting in 2017 and actual appointment, adjutant of the Austrian Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen, advisor on military and security issues, he serves as liaison between the Ministries of Defense, Federal Chancellery and Internal Affairs. Joined the Austrian army in 1981 and followed his training as military officer. From 1987 onwards various deployments abroad in Syria, Iran, Cyprus, and Tadzhikistan. From 2003 to 2007 officer at the EU Military Staff, 2007 he worked for the European Defence Agency. In the years 2008 and 2009 commander of the multinational Task Force South KFOR in Kosovo. 2013 Deputy Chief of Staff Operations/Multinational Headquarters ULM.


This is a long overdue, fascinating experiment. Promoting a culture of open discussion and raising awareness on and for security policy. 

I wish the TDHJ a good start and success.